Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Sneak Peak

I started this feature right before my hiatus, so this is only the second sneak peak. But I'm already getting stingy about my sneak peaks even. ha! Every time I think of something to let you peak at I change my mind... cause I just keep getting more and more protective of my little wedding plans. When I started this blog, that thought didn't even cross my mind {that I would want to keep the details a secret}, but the closer it gets the more important it seems to me. Weird. I mean, I guess it makes sense, but it surprises me that I feel this way. Sooo the sneak peaks from here on out might get pretty lame, just to warn you. Or this feature might just not last very long! ha We'll see.

Sneak peak numero dos...

I'm pretty sure I found one of our wedding songs-- the unity candle song to be exact. Yay! It's been so difficult for me to come up with music for some reason. I just can't make up my mind! And I just really don't like all the typical, cheesy {in my opinion} wedding music. So I've been trying to find music that is meaningful and wedding-y that still sounds like stuff Derek and I might listen to in real life. Ya know?? Ugh so many decisions! Cant wait for this wedding planning to be over and the marriage living to begin.

Anyway... I think I'm starting to narrow the selection down and it makes me happy. I recently discovered this cute little husband and wife duo and I'm in love!! I could listen to them all day long. This isn't the song I think I'll use, but here's a listen at one of their other tunes...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

recent happenings

I tried on MY wedding dress last night!! Not a store sample, not a dress that countless other girls might try on, MY dress! Sooo exciting!! I can't wait to wear it for real.

I also finally found my wedding shoes! They're so pretty. I was starting to get antsy cause I wasn't finding anything close to what I wanted {online} and then I walked into the Dillard's shoe department and found them almost instantly. Thank you Dillard's! And they were on sale. Yes please!

I couldn't get a great pic with my phone camera and my real camera is currently MIA {not the artist}, so I found a picture online... it's not the best pic, but you can kinda see the color at least. It's a really pretty blueish/greenish/grayish color. I love it!!
I personally think they're prettier in person, but you get the idea.

In other news, tonight I treated myself to the best Chinese this side of China... Hot and Spicy from Oriental Inn. Nothin beats it folks! If you're anywhere near Southwest Mo you've gotta check it out. Mr.Lee doesn't mess around!
Seriously makes my mouth water just looking at it! mmmmm

Happy evening! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Guess what?!

We got our engagement pictures back!! Yay yay yay! Have a looksy at a few of my favs...
 ok, maybe more than a few! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Annnd I'm back! {+ A Good Wife}

Hi hi! After my 2 week hiatus I have decided to come back to the blogging world {or should I say try to come back?!}  What is the reason for my absence you ask?? Well.... I don't have one. ha I just haven't been feeling it, so I haven't blogged. I also have been much busier lately, so I haven't had all the extra free time I was starting to get used to. I got a semi-permanent subbing job, so I'm kind of like a normal person again! lol  As much as I enjoy a vacation, I really need to work. I just get so bored and mopey when I don't. Plus, even though I had so many good ideas for crafts and projects while I wasn't working, I still couldn't do them... cause I was broke!! It's a catch 22 I suppose.

Anyway, on to regular Sunday business: A Good Wife...

"She looks over a field and buys it, then, with money she's put aside, plants a garden." Proverbs 31:16 The Message
There are 2 aspects about this verse that I hope to bring to our marriage: money smarts and gardening. I shared with you before that I had read one of Dave Ramsey's books and I am all about trying to follow his principles {now I just have to get Derek on board}! For some reason, I kind of enjoy budgeting, something about the organization and planning process makes me feel large and in charge! Ok, maybe not so dramatic, but it does give me a sense of control, makes me feel like I have money and I know where it's going. Ya know?! So I definitely hope to contribute sound financial decisions {or opinions} to our relationship.

I also would loooove to become garden savvy!! I love love love fresh veggies in the summer and I really hope to have a nice big garden one day, but until I have a yard of my own I'm gonna practice on a smaller scale. I'm planning on growing the majority of the flowers for our wedding {tons of wildflowers} and I hope to start an herb garden when I move to Kansas. Derek and I have already been looking for some cute little planters that we can straddle on his balcony for pretty flowers, herbs, and maybe some tomato or strawberry plants if we can squeeze them in. So far I have pretty much zero experience with growing things {my dad grows a small garden every now and then and my mom has been known to kill silk flowers-- kidding mom ;), so I haven't been exposed to it much}but I really, really want to. So we'll see... I have a lot of good intentions.

How cute are these?? Surely it's not that hard.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Good Wife...

You might have noticed I skipped last week's Sunday post. {or, you might not have.} I was busy being a good fiance, spending time with my man. We spent the afternoon with his brother and sister-in-law and also found Derek's wedding suit!! Fun times. It seems like there are more and more details coming together now. So exciting! :) Anyway, on to this week's verse...
"She is up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day." Proverbs 31:15 (The Message)
Uhhhhh. Yeah. Not gonna lie, I'm anything but a morning person. I'm pretty sure it's best just not to even talk to me before 10 am. 8 am on a good day. ha!  I'll definitely have to work on this one. I would love to be that wife/mom that has breakfast cooking and cute little sack lunches packed, complete with a sweet little love note, but.... I just don't know if I see that in my future. Maybe one day if I get to be a stay at home mommy I can do that. And then I'll just take a quick little nap after everyone else is off to school/work.

But who am I kidding... by that point in my life I'll probably be used to the exhaustion of being up all night with babies and toddlers, that I won't even bother with a nap.

Sorry Derek, you might have to wait awhile for this verse to kick in. It's gonna take some hardcore motivation!

Maybe if I had a cute little alarm clock like this one {from Urban Outfitters}  :)
but who am I kidding?? probably not.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Sneak Peak

I thought I would start a Friday feature... I have been wanting to share some of my projects/ decorations for the wedding, but I also don't want to give everything away before the wedding. Where's the fun in that, right?! Soooo. Here's my solution: on Fridays I will post a picture that gives a glimpse of something I've been working on, bought, made, etc. But I wont show the full thing. Get it? Sneak Peak?  :)

Anyway, without further adieu, sneak peak numero uno...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recent Reads

One thing I am enjoying about being a college graduate is the ability to do some recreational reading. Don't get me wrong, I very very rarely {I can't emphasize how rarely} read a college textbook. I'm just not that hardcore of a student. But I also rarely read books for fun in college. Partly cause I had no time, partly because I could think of better things to do with my free time, and partly because it made me feel just a little bit guilty {you know, reading a love story when I should be reading about textile science, or educational psych, or some other boring topic.}

But. Now that I have an overabundance of time and no reason to feel guilty reading for pleasure, I've started reading more and more. I've even bought a few books lately {I'm usually a regular library patron.}

Wanna know what I've been sinking my brain into?? Don't judge...

Ok, I do realize these could all be considered "self-help" books, but I must admit... I'm a junky. I love fiction, but sometimes I just need substance and meaning. Something that will actually have an impact on my life when I put the book back on the shelf, ya know?? 

Anyway, I'm also a sucker for relationship books. They just interest me. Gender roles and differences, how men and women relate to each other, how to communicate more effectively. I just find it all kind of fascinating. I think the one textbook I gladly read in college was in my Relationship Management class. Call me a dweeb, but I love that stuff! I also especially like it now that it has a bit more meaning. You know, cause I'm getting married!!! :)

And the Dave Ramsey book was also inspired by the upcoming nuptials. And because I have been intrigued by his philosophy for awhile now. *Nerd Alert* once again, but the book is actually really inspiring. I'm only about half-way through, but I'm super excited about applying some of these principles right from the start of our marriage. I'm not saying we'll be perfect at it, or that we'll fully complete his cycle {at least maybe not right away} but it has definitely made me more aware of some of my current spending habits, and some things to watch out for once we're married. I definitely recommend it!!

Anyway, there's a peak into my geekiness. At least I didn't tell you about my secret sci-fi fascination. shhhhh. ;)